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Gift Season 2021: 3 Ways We’re Here To Help

Now that we’ve turned the corner into September, it’s officially time to start thinking about year-end gift season. Whether it’s big events like tradeshows and conferences, year-end employee awards or celebrating the holidays, the final months of 2021 will be filled with gift occasions. And remember, it’s always a good idea to beat the rush – so if you can, order now while inventory and product selection are strongest.

Here are three ways we’re here to support your business during the busiest time of the year:

Stocked Up
We all know what a challenge inventory has been this year. If you’ve got a big campaign, our Stocked Up collection is a great place to start. We’ve invested in extra inventory for 250+ top-selling products, everything from backpacks and bottles to hoodies, jackets and polos – all in stock now, and all ready to ship.

New Sales Tools
Inspiration idea boards are an easy way to generate ideas – and we’ve got a new batch specifically for the end of the year focused on holiday favorites, employee gifts and more.

Perfectly Packaged
Our Perfectly Packaged service is an easy way to deliver a memorable gift experience, allowing you to create fully custom gifts with products from our entire line. Pick a single product or mix and match multiple items – either way, the service includes decorative packaging that gives gifts a personal touch. Unlimited drop shipments are included, too, so you can deliver gifts directly to homes or offices instead of in bulk to a single location.

Inventory, special flyers and the ability to deliver a special experience – just three of the ways you can count on us this gift season. To keep up with new products, retail brands, digital tools and more along the way, be sure to make Graphic Stylus part of your routine.