Company Merchandise Web Stores

Company Merchandise Web Stores

Company stores are perfect for businesses wanting to provide branded merchandise to their staff and customers, businesses with multiple branches under a single brand, or those wishing to move their inventory. They act as an e-commerce store for every single one of your promotional needs!

Through an online company store, you can give your partners, employees, and clients uninterrupted, all-day access to your brand’s promotional products, besides giving them these items as free samples at a trade show or promotional event only. You can sell endless branded apparel items, bags, hats, and more through your online company store. Pick what you want to sell, along with the colors of each product and the logo(s) permitted for them!

Graphic Stylus can customize and manage stores according to your business’s wants and needs. Let our team take care of every aspect of setting up your store, so you can start running it in the shortest time possible. We’ll help you choose and stock your online store with amazing swag options that your customers and teammates will love. From pop-up stores to integrated corporate merchandise solutions, Graphic Stylus will work with you to create the perfect store.

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Get All of Your Company Merchandise in One Place

A single place for a brand team, marketing team, and HR to have a place for employees and clients to shop merch that meets brand guidelines and is brand approved.

Online Company Web Stores Examples

Boost employee engagement by letting them wear your company’s logo. Allow them to order company-branded and approved products of their choice. Solve all your brand product needs by choosing a company web store from the list below.

4205 EG 01 Custom Websites

Company Online Store​

Our corporate online stores showcase items and apparel your employees can purchase using the payment option of their choice. A single centralized ordering website helps you maintain your brand image, standards, and spending. Use the store to give your employees custom awards, incentives, and anything else to increase engagement.

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Uniform Store

Our uniform stores are a one-stop solution for all the uniform needs of your employees. They can view size charts and brand-approved styles and leverage flexible payment options.

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Benefits of A Custom Web Store for Your Branded Promotional Merchandise

Boost employee engagement by letting them wear your company’s logo. Allow them to order company-branded and approved products of their choice. Solve all your brand product needs by choosing a company web store from the list below.

  • Online Inventory – Prevent stock from getting exhausted with real-time inventory.
  • Budget Control – Let customers view their expenditures and spend accordingly.
  • Multiple Payment Options – Give customers the freedom to pay via credit or company cards or gift cards. You also have the option to pay for the entire group or let each person pay on their own.
  • Customize Store Opening and Closing – Let your store remain open with a routine order processing timeline. Alternatively, create a “Pop-Up Shop” for special occasions with a specified closing date.
  • Easily Invite Others to Shop – Distribute shareable URLs to your recipients and invite them to shop
  • Offer a Variety of Items – Refresh your store’s product assortment whenever you want.

At Graphic Stylus, We Are Here for You!

Graphic Stylus provides promotional products and services in Houston, TX, for all types of businesses – small/big firms, giant corporations, and institutions. These products positively influence your marketing campaign. We also accept orders with low or minimum quantity and facilitate 3-Day and 1-Day Rush Services (depending on the product) to avoid any hindrance in your marketing endeavors. Our billing policy is simple, and you’re unlikely to face any hidden or unexpected charges. Some of our best-selling personalized marketing items for promotional giveaways include backpacks, tumblers, polos, custom pens, notebooks, and custom sunglasses. For more information, please call us at 1-866-978-9587 or email us at


How long will it take us to get our first online store launched?
At Graphic Stylus, we begin setting up your online store after clearly identifying your specifications. It includes your chosen products and approved store design. With the support of the brand team, we can set up your company store in three days with 100% satisfaction guaranteed from our side.

Are there limits to what products I can add to my company’s merch store?
There are no limits to the products you can add to your merch store. The addition of items, such as quality logo products, promotional bags, and the like, largely depends on your budget and the available items that meet your brand’s requirements. Creating connections with those that matter to your business is easy with a company merch store.

What happens if the items I would like to add to my merch store are out of stock?
Items with adequate inventory levels at the selection will be available to add to your store. However, inventory controls are in place and will show the end user if an item is out of stock. The brand team always has the right to substitute a different product if needed.

How are web store orders processed?
Order processing majorly depends on the structure of your store. We can set up orders to be processed every day, as well as batch orders.