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Discover Chipolo: The Ultimate Bluetooth Item Finders

Do you feel tired of constantly misplacing your keys, wallet, or other essentials? It’s a common occurrence that many of us face. Chipolo’s range of Bluetooth item finders offers a convenient way to keep track of your belongings. From the Chipolo ONE to the Chipolo Card Spot, these gadgets help you locate your belongings effortlessly. Whether it’s ringing your lost item or finding your phone with a double click, it offers practical features for everyday ease.

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Chipolo Products at Graphic Stylus

Chipolo Bluetooth Item Finders come in different ranges, each with unique features and uses.

Chipolo ONE Bluetooth Item Finder

Description: Never worry about misplaced keys, bags, or backpacks again. The Chipolo ONE is the perfect blend of safety and convenience, making daily life easier. With a quick tap on the Chipolo app, you can locate your misplaced item or double-click the Chipolo to prompt your phone to ring on silent mode, too. Besides, the app sends you a gentle nudge if you leave something behind, adding an extra layer of security. Choose from stylish Black or White to match your personal flair. Meets CE, FCC, RoHS, and UL certification requirements.

Price: As Low as $24 Each, Free Setup Available

Minimum Order: Min 25 Units

Description: Find your keys in minutes with this gene device! Compatible with iOS, this smart gadget easily connects with the Find My app, accessing a vast network of users to help find your lost items. Play a loud sound to locate your keys (and other articles) immediately when they’re nearby. Get alerts if you leave your keys behind or when the Find My network finds them. It easily attaches to your key ring and comes in sleek Black. Conforms to CE, FCC, RoHS, and UL specifications.

Price: As Low as $29 Each, Free Setup Available

Minimum Order: Min 25 Units

Chipolo ONE Spot Bluetooth Item Finder
Chipolo Card Bluetooth Item Finder

Description: Feel the weight of worry lift off your shoulders with the Chipolo Card Bluetooth Item Finder by your side. Chipolo manages your things, providing peace of mind and making it great for staying organized during travels. It’s stylishly sleek, compact, and perfect for quickly locating your wallet, passport, keys, or remote control. The misplaced item can be rung using the app, or you can quickly find your phone by double-clicking on Chipolo. Certified for CE, FCC, RoHS, and UL compliance.

Price: As Low as $29 Each, Free Setup Available

Minimum Order: Min 25 Units

Description: The Chipolo Card Spot Item Finder works for iOS and easily connects to the Find My app, linking up with many users to help find your lost wallet. It makes a loud noise to help you quickly locate your wallet when it’s nearby. You’ll also get notifications if you leave your wallet behind or when the Find My network finds it. The device boasts a sleek, ultra-thin profile that effortlessly slips into any wallet with a perfect fit. It meets CE, FCC, RoHS, and UL standards and comes in Black, making it great for staying organized and traveling.

Price: As Low as $36 Each, Free Setup Available

Minimum Order: Min 25 Units

Chipolo Card Spot Bluetooth Item Finder

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How Does Chipolo Work?

Chipolo Bluetooth Item Finders work by connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Once paired, you can use the Chipolo app to track the location of your items. You can ring your Chipolo from the app to help you locate it when you misplace something. Additionally, Chipolo has a community feature that allows other Chipolo users in the area to help find your lost item anonymously. If your item is out of Bluetooth range, you can use the “Last Known Location” feature to see where it was last connected to your phone on a map. Chipolo item finders also have a “Find Your Phone” feature that allows you to double-press the Chipolo to make your phone ring, even if it’s on silent.

Benefits of Chipolo Tracker

A Chipolo tracker is designed to effortlessly fit into your daily routine, adding the convenience of technology. Let’s break down some of it’s benefits and practical uses:

Travel with peace of mind

Travel with peace of mind

Don’t stress about lost items while traveling. Chipolo ensures your essentials are always nearby, letting you explore new places calmly and worry-free.

Peace of mind 24 7

Peace of mind 24/7

Besides traveling, you may get apprehensive about losing your items at home or work. Chipolo keeps your belongings safe and easy to find. Experience a sense of security around the clock, confident that your valuables are safe.

A busy bee’s best sidekick

A busy bee’s best sidekick

The Chipolo item finder is a lifesaver for busy people. It keeps them organized and on track by eliminating the search for lost items. It lets them concentrate on their tasks without any distractions.

A tiny gift with a big impact

A tiny gift with a big impact

Share the convenience and security of the Chipolo devices. Despite their compact size, these powerful gadgets offer reassurance and ease of mind anytime and anywhere.

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What is the range of Chipolo?
Chipolo tracker connects to your phone using Bluetooth. It can reach up to 200 feet (60 meters) when there’s a direct line between your phone and the Chipolo, and everything’s functioning properly.
How is this different from a GPS tracker?
GPS trackers offer live location tracking for things and people but are more expensive and need frequent charging. On the other hand, Chipolo is affordable and helps find nearby lost items by showing their last known location.
What battery does the round Chipolo key finder use?
Changing the battery in the round Chipolo key finder is easy. It needs a CR 2032 battery, which you can buy in stores with AA batteries.
What is the difference between a regular Chipolo Finder, Chipolo Spot, and Chipolo Point?
Chipolo offers three versions of finders:
  • Regular Chipolo ONE and Chipolo CARD work with iOS and Android devices compatible with iOS 14+ and Android 7+.
  • Chipolo ONE Spot and Chipolo CARD Spot are exclusive to Apple Find My and require iOS 14.5+.
Chipolo ONE Point and Chipolo CARD Point are exclusive to Google’s Find My Device and need Android 9+.
Is Chipolo a good gift for someone who loses their phone?
Chipolo’s features, such as ringing your phone even when it is silent, locating it on a map, and the “Shake to Find” feature, make it very handy for finding lost phones. So, it can be an excellent gift for those frequently misplacing their phones.
What is your return and refund policy?
If you’re unsatisfied with your Chipolos, you can return them for a full refund within 30 days of receiving them, as long as they’re in good condition. Refunds are issued through the original payment method. Chipolo reserves the right to decline reimbursement for items returned after the 30-day period or not covered by our 2-year warranty. Additionally, return shipping fees are not covered by Chipolo.